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Collaborative/Holistic Care


Diagnostic Interview | Second Option | Psychotherapy |  Medication Management

When looking for a new provider the process and be confusing and anxiety-provoking at a time when you are not at your best. You would benefit from an experienced clinician to help guide the way.


As a board-certified psychiatrist, I bring over 30 years of clinical experience to understanding your story.

My job is to listen with compassion and empathy while also establishing a diagnosis, ruling out any underlying medical conditions that could contribute to your symptoms, and getting a clear picture of who you are. Our goal is to hone in on the essential symptoms so you can start feeling better, and more resilient.

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Our goal is to hone in on the essential symptoms so you can start feeling better, and more resilient.



Comprehensive Diagnostic Interview

Interview with routine laboratory testing looking at medical/genetic issues, psychological factors, diet, exercise, spiritual practices and level of self-care.


Both long term and short term approaches combining psychodynamic as well as cognitive interventions

for symptom relief.



Looking at the factors discussed above to determine if the treatments and diagnoses you have been given seem right for your situation. This can include consultation with your existing practitioner.

Medication Management

Using traditional therapies to manage  psychological symptoms.


Jeanne Serafin, MD

Dr. Serafin is a kind-hearted compassionate physician who takes her work seriously. She does everything she can to help her clients improve and feel better. Dr. Serafin has had a private practice continuously since1988 when she finished her training in Boston at the Harvard Medical School. Over those years she has treated clients with a large variety of illnesses and of various ages. She currently works with adults ages18 to 65 years old and the most common diagnostic categories she treats are depression and anxiety disorders.


Dr. Serafin has garnered a tremendous amount of experience working in inpatient and  outpatient settings, residential and long term care. She was a medical director for  a nonprofit health plan in Boston for 10 years where she worked in an advisory capacity.

Treatment is viewed as a joint process between the client and the psychiatrist. Goals are set up at the beginning of treatment and reference is made back to those goals to ensure treatment is on track. While Dr. Serafin is well versed in psychiatric medications the choice for medication is always up to the client.


Having been a long term meditator it is not unusual for Dr. Serafin to recommend  mind/body techniques to assist with the distress and management of mental symptoms. She fully believes “it take a village,” and suggestions may be made for other providers to collaborate in care such as an integrative nutritionist or to suggest a meditation program if the client is interested.



  • What kind of services do you offer?
    I offer a comprehensive approach to your mental health care. I do this by looking at psychological issues, medical issues, diet, exercise, lab work and spiritual practices. This helps to get a full view of who you are as a person and what will be helpful to you in treatment to achieve a state of wellbeing and resiliency. I offer psychotherapy and medication management or a combination of both.
  • Do you have openings?
    I generally have openings for evaluation and medication management. The psychotherapy slots depend on availability. If I am not available to do therapy I can work with you to find a therapist who takes your insurance.
  • Do you see clients just for medication management?
    Yes I see clients for medication management, but I often suggest ongoing therapy to those clients. Usually medications alone do not treat the underlying issues. If you have a therapist I will collaborate with them in your care. I also suggest my clients have an ongoing relationship with a primary care physician and get a physical exam and laboratory studies once a year if on psychiatric medications.
  • Do you see kids or geriatric clients?
    My practice is limited to adults ages 18-65.
  • Do you take insurance?
    I am a provider to CareFirst in Maryland. I do not accept other health plans. If you have out of network benefits I can give you a detailed receipt to submit to your health plan for reimbursement.
  • How long do you treat patients for?
    I offer both short and long term treatment. When clients are on medication, I usually suggest one year of medication treatment from the time the person starts feeling better. Medications are then reviewed on an annual basis to see if they are still appropriate. Medication clients are generally seen monthly until they are stable and then every three months for medication management (20-30 minute sessions). Psychotherapy is usually on a weekly basis.
  • Do you see couples or families?
    I will see a couple or family in consultation to an individual treatment, but generally my work is 1:1.
  • Do you do specialized laboratory testing or prescribe alternative medications?
    I offer Genesight testing to look at how genetic factors can influence a choice of mediation. My goal is to work with clients in a holistic and comprehensive fashion. I offer mind/body techniques to assist with symptom management. When it is appropriate I refer to and collaborate with an integrative nutritionist who views food as medicine and can suggest alternative treatments for psychiatric disorders.
  • Since you have a spiritual frame of reference do you teach people how to meditate?
    As mentioned above I hold a framework of self-compassion in my treatment with clients. I do not teach meditation that is best left to a qualified meditation teacher. I can recommend places to explore meditation if that is of interest to the client.
  • Can you say something about your experience prescribing psychiatric medications?
    For those who are interested I offer a wealth of prescribing experience based upon my 30 years of experience in the field. I provide evidenced-based treatments for psychiatric syndromes. I take exquisite care in both prescribing the medications and tapering them to minimize side effects. I alway listen to complaints about side effects. I have worked extensively with clients who are very sensitive to medication side effects. I am also knowledgeable about when to refer for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). I offer GeneSight testing to those who are interested.
  • Do you offer telehealth?
    I do offer telehealth to clients in Maryland. During the COVID-19 crisis Carefirst is reimbursing for telehealth sessions. It is not clear that will continue. Telehealth is an option for people paying out of pocket.


"I always look forward to my appointments with Dr. Serafin. I’m confident that I can trust her with my most personal secrets and that I’m getting the most compassionate care."


"When I began seeing Dr. Serafin in the late summer of 2017, I had been treated for depression and other issues by two other psychiatrists in the previous three years.  One of those passed away and the second one took an academic post. I was feeling quite depressed and anxious about starting over with a new doctor. From my first session with Dr. Serafin, I felt comfortable talking with her and was optimistic that she would be able to help me. Indeed she has and I am very grateful that circumstances led me to her office. Dr. Serafin quickly realized that I would benefit from another medication and I have. However, her treatment plan is not limited to prescribing medication. I have been helped as much by Dr. Serafin’s talk therapy and from her recommendations on additional paths to mental health and peace of mind such as meditation, exercise and referrals for nutritional advice.  I recommend Dr. Serafin, especially if you are seeking a wholistic approach to regaining and/or maintaining mental health"


"I’ve seen a number of therapists and psychiatrists now. What I appreciate about Dr Serafin is her calm and gentle demeanor, and her compassionate disposition. She can incorporate an integrative approach, if that’s of interest, which it was to me. She believes things like food, and lifestyle are important forms of medicine, which I appreciated. I’ll continue to see her and highly recommend her as a psychiatrist."


"I have been working with Dr Serafin for 5 years for treatment of my bipolar disorder after I had two manic episodes within one year. I credit Dr Serafin as being a big part of my health and stability. She is very easy to talk to and I feel like I am a part of the conversation regarding decisions for my treatment."



May I meet the moment fully,

may I meet the moment with a kind heart.

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